What Is Hair Memory?

What Is Hair Memory?

Sure-thing you already have noticed that if you keep the same path, or if you curl your hair or straighten it every time you blow-dry it, or even if you keep your hair in a tail... when you want to make a change, your hair will always go on the styling it was used to. So, you just need to have a little patience and repeat the new styling you want to have and your hair will build and learn the new memory. 

Therefore, with our products full of proteins and keratins, we will refill the gaps from your hair...it works just like vitamins for your body. As long as you keep taking them, you will have a healthier body, and so, we created KERATIN HAIR ARCHITECT and PROTEIN HAIR ARCHITECT. Together with these two ranges and with love, we created the SURVIVAL KIT FOR  HAIR. 


And our products have the top-performing formulas, perfectly concentrated and tested. 

It is not hard and not cruel, it is just OXYGEN FOR YOUR HAIR

Led by passion and love for hair! 


Georgiana Stavrositu


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