How Did It All Begin?

How Did It All Begin?

With over 20 years of hair salon experience, more than hundred thousands hair colours and haircuts, our brand Ambassador, Georgiana Stavrositu, found herself in the necessity of going back to origins and rebuild the hair memory with our 100% vegan products.  

How did it all begin? 

The natural movement of the strong and shiny hair conquered me from the outset.

When I work with hair, I am very picky because I don't like to overload the hair.

Thus it all started, with the need of creating vegan products that have to deeply hydrate and fortify all types of hair.

My years in the beauty salon along with the know-how that I accumulated throughout my career turned into years of research and development. This helped me shape and give birth to Young Nature Innovation, an innovative line of vegan products. 



Georgiana Stavrositu


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